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Our courses are conducted at:

Al-Ghazaly Elementary School
441 North Street
Teaneck, NJ 07666


Email: info@darulhidayah.com

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Why Darul Hidayah?

What can you gain from studying at Darul Hidayah? What are the advantages of studying at Darul Hidayah?

Scholarly Involvement

Every Darul Hidayah course is taught by a traditionally-educated scholar of Islam. Additionally, all our instructors are fluent in English, and acutely aware of the environment that surrounds us.

Time Requirement

Our Islamic studies curriculum has been designed to reduce the necessary in-class time requirement to a comfortable minimum without sacrificing the importance of teacher/student interaction.

Passion for Knowledge

What Darul Hidayah’s devoted staff of teachers share is a love for learning and an even greater love for helping others partake of that knowledge.

Sisters' Arrangement

Darul Hidayah is committed to providing women as high quality of an Islamic educational opportunity as possible.

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About Darul Hidayah

Darul Hidayah is an Islamic educational initiative that aims to connect the NJ/NY Muslim community with Islamic knowledge and reliable scholarship. We offer a Weekend Alim Program as well as weeknight Essentials Courses.

Why Take Darul Hidayah Classes?

  • Instructors are traditionally trained and highly motivated scholars
  • Adult accelerated-learning
  • Islamic studies curriculum
  • Flexible schedule

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