Shaykh Muhammad Chowdhury

Mawlana Muhammad Chowdhury is a Cleveland, Ohio native.  After attaining his High-school diploma, his thirst for ‘Ilm propelled him to pursue the higher calling of sacred knowledge and thus he devoted years in an authentic and rigorous curriculum of the sacred sciences.  During this period he was conferred with several ijazat (Formalized Authorization/Degree) surpassing the equivalent of a Masters degree, in the Islamic sciences including: Fiqh, Usul al-Fiqh, Hadith, Usul al-Hadith, Tafsir, Usul al-Tafsir, Arabic Grammar, Morphology, Rhetoric, History and Spirituality.  During these years of study, he was also conferred with ijazah in the most famous and authentic texts of Hadith including the Sahih of Imam al-Bukhari and all of the Sihah Sittah, the 6 most authentic compendiums of Hadith.  After completing the rigorous and famed dars nizami curriculum and being granted the shahadah alimiyyah (recognition of Islamic scholarship), Mawlana Muhammad began studying the sciences of the heart focusing on tazkiyyah and tarbiyyah.  Being granted the mantle of authorization to teach and transmit these sciences he returned to Ohio and immersed himself in teaching, being Imam , and community work.  In 1434/2013, Mawlana Muhammad moved to New Jersey and is currently the Principal and Alim-course instructor at Darul Huda Institute for Tahfeez al Qur’an. He is also the Ameer and Instructor, here, at Darul Hidayah, where he teaches classes of Fiqh, Tafsir, Spirituality, Seerah, Aqidah and Arabic Grammar.  He is fluent in Arabic, English and Urdu.

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